Compound isolation HPLC / SFC

Automated isolation of natural substances

For the purification of compounds from natural sources Sepiatec offers two choices: The Sepbox 2D-2000 system based on a 2D HPLC-SPE technology. The Sepbox 2D-2000 delivers a high number of pure fractions in a single separation run. Due to the automated process, separation results are highly reproducible. An alternative for the isolation of natural components is the use of Sepiatec’s Prep SFC M5 system. With the patented fraction collector, even the collection of volatile natural components is possible. Since fractions can be tasted directly, the use of SFC technology is also suitable for the food sector. The Prep SFC M5 system is available in the Prep SFC M5-50 and Prep SFC M5-250 version.


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