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Sepmatix 8x HPLC

The Sepmatix 8x System Screening HPLC from Sepiatec only uses one external HPLC pump. The flow is separated by the patented Sepmatix Flow Control into eight channels, and the flow in each channel is precisely measured and regulated throughout the entire run.

Together with an autosampler and a detector with 8 independent spectrometer modules working in parallel, the result is an unbelievably compact HPLC system, which will instantly enhance the throughput of every research and development laboratory eight times over. It is not necessary to spend time adapting methods to the new system or to purchase any new costly HPLC columns. Different designs of the Sepmatix 8x System Screening HPLC are available for applications such as chiral column screening, protein screening, method development, or with an 8x Fraction Collector for preparative work. The required space for the Sepmatix 8x System Screening HPLC is only 55 x 55 x 90 centimetres (W x D x H).

A column oven for heating purposes according to customer’s requirements is also available. The Sepmatix 8x System Screening HPLC can separate substances on eight different separation columns simultaneously. This significantly increases sample throughput.

The system consists of three modules: an 8x Flow Control low viscosity version with flow rates of between 0.5 to 1.25 ml/min; an autosampler with syringe pump which injects samples from standard microtiter plates or deep-well microtiter plates onto eight columns (also suitable for vial racks); and an 8x Diode Array Detector with eight separate spectrometer modules and analytical flow cells applicable for the spectral range of 195 to 390 nanometres.


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