Prep SFC 250

Preparative Scale Separation – Compact Design

Sepiatec’s new Prep SFC 250 system is a compact benchtop unit designed for preparative separation using supercritical fluid chromatography.
Measuring just 72 x 60 x 88 cm (W x D x H) the system offers all advantages of SFC technology such as fast separation, reduced consumption of organic solvents, lower costs, improved environmental compatibility and increased safety.

The Prep SFC 250 system uses two high-pressure pumps fitted with 150 ml pump heads. Total flow rates of up to 250 ml of supercritical fluid per minute can be achieved at a modifier portion of 40%. This allows the operator to use separation columns with internal diameters of 15 to 30 mm and lengths of 250 mm.

Due to its compact design the footprint of the Prep SFC 250 system is comparatively small and precious laboratory space can be saved. The clearly arranged assembly of the Prep SFC 250 system allows easy access to all of its modules. The fractionation module includes a selector valve and 9 gas-liquid separators (1 for waste). It is designed for 8 fraction bottles with a volume of 1 litre each. Due to the flexible outlets even bigger sample containers with volumes up to several litres can be used.

A system controller with current performance characteristics is built into the device. There is no need for a separate computer or monitor, and no additional bench space is required.

The very user-friendly Prep SFC control software runs the entire device and contains functions such as stack injection, peak detection and on-the-fly editing. Data is entered via the 15.6‘‘ touch screen, which is placed ergonomically on the upper front of the Prep SFC 250 system.

The equipment of the Prep SFC 250 system includes:

• a high pressure pump for CO2
• a high pressure pump for modifiers
• an adjustable back pressure regulator
• a syringe pump for sample injection
• a UV detector
• an integrated system controller
• a 15.6“ touch screen
• the Prep SFC control software
An additional computer at a separate work site can also be connected.


Operating mode 1 semi-preparative or preparative column
Solvents CO2 and organic solvents
Number of modifier solvents 1 standard, 4 with optional solvent selection valve
CO2 pump 150 ml pump head, 400 bar
Modifier pump 150 ml pump head, 400 bar
Add-on pump 30 ml pump head, 400 bar (optional)
Operating pressure Up to 300 bar, back pressure regulator online adjustable
Injection Partial loop with syringe pump
Column Oven Ambient temperature to 70° C, 2 columns standard, 6 columns with optional valves
UV detector Wavelength range 190 to 500 nm
Number of fractions 1 to 8 fractions, unlimited volumes, pressure-less fraction collection
Software Prep SFC control software
System controller Integrated controller, Windows 10
Connections 3 USB ports, Ethernet, HDMI
Dimensions 72 x 60 x 88 cm (W x D x H)


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