Sepiatec’s Prep SFC 100 system is a compact benchtop unit designed for preparative separations using supercritical fluid chromatography.

Combined with CMS

As an option Sepiatec’s Prep SFC 100 system can be combined with Advion’s expression CMS. The expression CMS is a very compact mass spectrometer featuring the latest single quadrupole technology. The system as a whole, consisting of Prep SFC 100 and expression CMS, allows users to perform mass-directed-, mass-confirmed and UV-controlled fractionation.

The exact molecular weights of the separated substances are quickly and reliably measured, and even UV-inactive targets can be fractionated.

The ion source consists of an ESI option and an APCI option, which can both produce anions or cations as required. The acquisition rate is 5,000 m/z units sec-1 and the resolution is 0.5 – 0.7 m/z units (FWHM) at 1,000 m/z units sec-1 throughout the acquisition range.

Included all models

All the modules needed to connect the expression CMS to the Prep SFC 100 system, such as a makeup flow pump and a split valve, are included.

The expression CMS mass spectrometer is operated and the data obtained are displayed using the Prep SFC 100 system software. The expression CMS software allows users to perform a wide range of assessments.

The compact size of the Prep SFC 100 and the expression CMS means that they can be installed together in a standard laboratory fume hood.

Subject to modifications.

Ion source ESI with APCI option (switchable with minimal effort)
API interface orthogonal ion sampling from heated capillary - allows for small single turbo pump (Patents pending)
Flow rate range 10 µL/min to 500n µL/min (higher with simple split)
Polarity +ve and -ve ion in sequential analyses
m/z range m/z 10 to m/z 1,200
Acquisition rate 5,000 m/z units sec-1 (compatible with UHPLC)
Resolution 0.5 - 0.7 m/z units (FWHM) at 1000 m/z units sec-1 over entire acquisition range
SIM sensivity 10 pg Reserpine (FIA - 5 µL sample injection volume at 100 µL/min) 100:1 S/N (RMS) with SIM of m/z 609.28
Scan sensivity 100 pg Reserpine (FIA - 5 µL sample injection volume at 100 µL/min) 100:1 S/N (RMS) with full-scan acquisition of m/z 100 to m/z 1200
Accuracy ±0.1 m/z units over entire acquisition range



Prep SFC 100 with Advion expression CMS


Advion expression CMS

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