SEPBOX 2D-2000


With the Sepbox 2D-2000 benchtop system up to 2,000 milligram of extract can be processed. If required, highly polar substances can be separated using the Polar Setup.

The Sepbox 2D-2000 is equipped with two detectors: UV detection (ultraviolet) and optional ELSD detection (evaporative light scattering detection), which can detect almost all substances.

Due to the automated and highly reproducible process, one extract can be completely separated per day using two-dimensional separation. The recovery rate for both polar and non-polar substances is usually above 90 per cent.

Up to 576 fractions with a very high yield of pure compounds can be collected in vials for subsequent High Throughput Screening.


• Isolation of compounds with a speed and accuracy unachievable with conventional chromatography methods
• On average 20 to 30 per cent pure fractions (ELSD) per run
• Isolation of large quantities possible
• Reproducible separations
• Cost advantages due to automation

Purity of Sepbox fractions

On average after one Sepbox run, up to 20 per cent of all fractions from plant extracts are 90 to 99 per cent pure (ELSD*), and from extracts made of marine organisms, up to 30 per cent are 90 to 99 per cent pure (ELSD).

As well as these highly purified compounds, the user will usually find a large number of fractions with compounds whose purity levels are between 50 and 90 per cent in ELSD detection. Results vary depending on the extract and the examined organism.

* The purity levels quoted here were calculated using the 100 per cent method with ELSD detection, as UV detection does not provide reliable purity levels due to different absorption coefficients.

Gradient pump 100 ml head, 400 bar, ternary gradient
Water pump 100 ml head, 400 bar
Valves 13 electrically actuated valves
Injection Up to 2,000 mg of extract with injection column technique
or liquid injection using a 1 ml loop
1st separation column 1 column, 150 x 32 mm
2nd separation columns 6 columns, 250 x 16 mm
Trap columns 18 columns, 30 x 32 mm
UV detector 3 mm flow cell
ELSD detector Splitted flow for ELSD
Fraction collector 12 racks, 48 vials each, max. capacity 60 ml/vial,
max. 576 fractions
Dimensions 266 x 65 x 89 cm W x D x H



Detail Sepbox columns

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